• Image of Wildlife - Take The Light With You (CD)

New album from Toronto's Wildlife!

“I’m so happy we finally get to share this album with you. Making it was an experience I’ll never forget. So many things happened and changed in the lives of the people in this band since our last record. The world changed in ways that are beautiful and awful and often difficult to think about.

The more I think about it, this album is about the truth and beauty of friendship: it’s about glimmers of hope and seeing light in other people, and urging them not to let that get snuffed out by the weight of what we are told daily is a dying world. It’s about asking the best of others and yourself, and trying to feel connected as much as possible when you see that spark. Most of this record contains flashes of all that, rather than specific themes. There are recurring musical parts and lyrics that reference others; drops here and there from the perspective of what I imagine other people in this world are going through. The title says it all however: go forward, be kind, and don’t let the light go out.” - Dean Povinsky


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